Communication: Rapid Fire Topics

Tip: Chose a specific topic, and ask few but specific questions.

Rapid fire topics are an extremely inefficient means of acquiring information.

The Responses

While reading "rapid-fire-topics" any responders will likely become distracted, and less able to focus on giving any of your topics or questions a thoughtful high quality response. Generally speaking, a responder will (a) skim down your post (b) choose a couple sentences (c) respond with a *"talking point"* and (d) return to step "a."

The result is typically responses that appear to be collections of short paragraphs, random links, and run-on debates where no one seems to learn anything.

Processing Information

Similarly, as you read responses, your mind will not have the opportunity to fully internalize, analyze, and understand any specific response as you'll quickly be distracted by the next response/topic. To most efficiently and accurately process information, your mind needs to be able to focus on a specific topic.

Time Expenditure

Responding to rapid-fire topics typically takes a LOT of time; both for the persons writing responses, and everyone who reads those responses.

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