Dogmatism Research

The inability to apply reason or rational to a belief without the ability to defend or reform the same. Overt adherence to a doctrine one cannot support or defend. Blind ignorance in the guise of faith to a doctrine usually for the purpose of self interest or fear, than any quest for truth collective peace.

  • Emotionally Attached to an Idea
  • Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Personality Theory
  • Sole expert on any topic, and refuse to see things any other way because in their minds they have nailed truth to the mat
  • Won't change mind, won't change topic
  • I'm right, you're wrong
  • I'm right, you're stupid (moderate)
  • I'm right, you're dead (extreme)

Dogatism - A personality trait that combines cognitive, emotional, and behavioral characteristics to personify prejudicial, closed-minded belief systems that are pronounced with rigid certainty."

  • Pattern of behavior
  • Trait Stability: stable across time and situation (i.e. same Monday and Wednesday). In place at the age of 30.
  • Upper and lower end of a continuum on a trait

"shouldn't we be dogmatic about some things?"

  • Passionate vs dogmatic?
  • Passionate openminded have reasonable beliefs with flexible boundaries, liberal, unconventional, imaginative, curious mind, tolerate differences.

Inate Childhood needs:

  • Need to defend against anxiety, need to know, need for social connection, need for coming dignity

Needs: Respected, ego, saftey, certainty, reduce anxiety

  • Intolerance of Ambiguity: Perceive ambiguous information and situations as a source of threat. Rigidly cling to absolute truth, removes ambiguity, reduces anxiety. Fear puts it in overdrive.
  • Defensive Cofnitive Closure When new ideas threaten their existing truths, dogmatic people tend to manage discomfort by judging and dismissing anything which conflicts with those truths.
  • Rigid Certainty "What kind of evidence would it take for you to change your mind?"
  • Compartmentalization

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