Intellectual Property : Fallacies List

Work in progress

Fallacies List

  • Artificial Scarcity
  • I.P. means I.P. owners are owed value.

I.P. Suggests Owners of I.P. are Owed Value

This is not an argument I would make as supporter of I.P. and as such, this is either a misrepresentation or a failure to understand the position of those who support some form of I.P. Any voluntarist will quickly recognize the difficulty with any suggestions of a positive obligation; the only thing a voluntarist "must do" is not initiate harm or use aggression against others. No owner of creator of I.P. is owed anything.

Property Must be Rivalrous

This is often asserted or claimed by those who object to any form of I.P. simply asserting something doesn't make it true.

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