Intellectual Property : Gene Quinn

"Reality Check: Anti-Patent Patent Musings Simply Bizarre" - Gene Quinn
Gene stumbles across Kinsella's writings, finds them confusing and fallacious and writes a critique. In the comments are the usual flood of Abolish-IP pack-dogs & Kinsella's typical behavior.

"Responding to Critics: My View on Patents & Innovation" - Gene Quinn
Gene writes a second article, formally responding to several of the assertions and arguments in the comments section of his previous article. As with the last, the comments are flooded again. This time Gene offers Kinsella the opportunity to engage in a formal structure debate.

"Beware the Anti-Patent Misdirection and Lies" - Gene Quinn
Gene discovers Kinsella making false statements, claiming Gene is evading debate. Gene lays out evidence that Kinsella knowingly blatantly lying, and makes another offer to debate formally.

"Gene Quinn Declared Patent Twit of the Week" - Gene Quinn
Gene finds Kinsella's latest insults amusing.

Patentability Overview: When can an Invention be Patented? - Gene Quinn
An overview of the requirements for patents.

Debunking Innovative Copycats and the Patent Monopoly
"Inventors believe that if they obtain a patent the world will back up a money truck to their front door. Patent haters think that a patent is evil and interferes with innovation. Both claims are laughably naive."

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