Intellectual Property : History and Abuse

History of Property

Communists are quick to point out the exact same characteristics, history, and tragedies enacted by the state enforcement and abuse of property itself. There are countless examples in the history of property, which demonstrate how persons were forced to pay rent on land their family had used for generations, which was then usurped by kings and granted to feudal lords. One might also point out that the concept of property was used in regards to slaves.

Given a modern understanding of property, one might quickly recognize that many of the above examples of abuse are actually direct violations of property rights, self-ownership, or simply mere raw criminal and abusive acts of tyranny which have absolutely nothing to do with the modern understanding of property theory. These historical abuses enacted in the name of property serve to demonstrate that persons will abuse bastardized version of good concepts to serve their own ends.


Similar to my previous examples, I would like to suggest that a significant portion of the tyranny enacted in the name of Intellectual Property is actually a violation of Intellectual Property. A proper understanding of Intellectual Property will quickly reveal that tyrannical "laws" such as SOPA are direct violations of the concept of Intellectual Property as they control what a person can do with the legitimate peaceful products of their own mind and labor, and the very concept of Intellectual Property suggests that SOPA is a bad law.

While assertions about the history of I.P. are debatable, I also find them to be irrelevant. In the very same way that abuses in the name of property don't undermine property but rather suggest that a better understanding of property is needed, the exact same can be said of Intellectual Property.

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