Intellectual Property : I.P.Tyranny

Intellectual Property Tyranny

Government and corporate behavior closely associated with I.P. has often been disgusting, damaging, and tyrannical. Examples include:

  • Patent and Copyright Trolling
  • Excessive fines, sometimes far exceeding 100x the original price for minor violations
  • Legal Mandates like COICA, SOPA, and PIPA, which have caused or could cause severe damage without proper arbutration or due-process.
  • Invasions of privacy (an I.P. violation)
  • Vague or excessively broad IP claims
  • Censorship, under the guise of IP
  • Unreasonable licenses, such as outlawing backups of content.

The legitimacy of I.P. does not legitimize outrageous enforcement mechanisms. Similarly, illegitimate enforcement does not delegitimizes property.

The principles of physical property also apply similarly to Intellectual-Property. Legitimate I.P. ownership is not a "license" to use your I.P. to tyrannize or cause destruction, just as a man who owns land should not be able to pollute and do whatever the hell else he wants, no matter how it affects his neighbors "because it is his property."

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