Practical Actions to Promote Voluntarism
  • Focus on Core : Focus on core ethics (i.e. *"Government = violence"*) and avoid distracting ideologies *(i.e. "28% or 29% tax" or *"should babies be raped by police or politicians?"*)*
  • Avoid Defenses : Pursue less threatening means of communicating concepts, that overcome defensiveness, conformation bias, counter productive belief systems, and egos. For example, short stories: (example-1, example-2)
  • Consider "Aikido" : The government is a large bulky machine with large quantities of power but little maneuverability. Use small carefully designed measures to redirect government force against it's own legitimacy and influence.
  • How to think : Teach people how to think, rather than what to think. Further, examine and question your own "beliefs." If you are interested in more, I highly recommend this website:
  • Clear Language : Emphasize clear and precise language, and call things by their real name. Check yourself when you use double speak, loaded words, euphemisms, and other unclear language. *For example, never say "we" in reference to the state.*
  • Walk away Walk away from unproductive, uninterested, and hostile persons. Worse than draining your time, they will also waste your energy. Pursue more rewarding actions, such as engaging a respectful intelligent person (hard to win, but worth it), or even some less intelligent but respectful persons. Pay careful attention to what works and what does not work. Make no mistake the competition *(i.e. established political parties, banking interests, etc)* do this as well.
  • Children Children are the future. While I do not advocate propagandizing children special-interest do, children are an extremely important consideration. Stefan Molyneux is a major advocate of raising children with non-violence *(i.e. don't spank / hit / verbally abuse children),* which I appears to be a great start. I also promote presenting them with more opportunities, teaching them how to succeed, and teaching them "how" to think.
  • Outsource and Delegate. Put your money where your mouth is and diversify! Like any business or investment, your money is delegating the tasks and resources for spreading freedom to people who are more effective and better qualified. Adam vs The Man, School-Sucks-Podcast, The Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Stefan Molyneux, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are some of my favorites.
  • Fliers, Posters, Business Cards - Create your own fliers or crowd-source some high quality flier designs, business cards, etc. Print them locally, and distribute them. There are plenty of Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and even Web-Designers in Libertarian/Voluntarism/Anon/Anarchism communities that starting one or more of these efforts shouldn't be much of a challenge. Once designs are complete, apply a creative-commons license, and people can then customize them to their taste, and print them at will. I would suggest outsourcing the printing to a business specializing in mass-printing. Distribute them at political events, protests, and to people who express interest in your views. Links to websites and 2D barcodes can provide access to any information that won't fit on the medium. Lastly, if printing anything too controversial, keep in mind the yellow-dot tracking feature on many printers.
  • Diversify. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. I love sea-steading, Ron Paul's is nice, the survival community is knowledgeable, and even the more hippie permaculture communities have a lot to offer. Centralized efforts are easy to shut down or hijack.
  • Develop "one way" liberty tools It is already well known that fear promotes statism, organized religion, and servitude. Clear language, logic, decentralization, and general disregard for authority undermine statism.


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