Response to Blazing Truth


When considering writing this article, I had a few reservations. I respect BlazingTruth as a person who for the most part behaves with respect, and who I've had many fantastic interactions with. I also had reservations based on my recent pursuits creating a forum where every flavor of anarchism could come together and discuss their different points of view with respect.

The difficulty with responding to this article, as well as the followup comments are highly evasive, vague, and lacking of substance, making any direct response somewhat pointless. Without any real content to address, all that remains are the subtleties, implications, and presumptions. Treading into this territory is highly risky as nearly anything can be, and frequently is, redefined at will.


The first thing that stood out about this article, is that it was written from a state of confusion.

This leads me to a brief word of advice: If you are not going through a personal struggle at all times when it comes to philosophy and politics, you are just not doing it right.

My research into psychology, as well as my experience around Christians. has taught me that this state of mind is ripe for exploitation. For example, Christians frequently advocate targeting and taking advantage of persons in tragic situations - using that tragedy in order to convert them to Christianity. Based on my observations and understanding of psychology and human action - thoughts and behaviors under stress, fear, and anxiety are generally highly unproductive and not very well thought. These emotions serve a purpose in a state of nature, driving a person to immediate action, but are well known to inhibit any thought processes which require more than a couple steps.

Any martial artist worth his weight in pennies will tell you that calmness, concentration, and self-control is essential in the face of adversary. Having come to understand and internalize this concept many years ago, this has been confirmed countless times by my own experiences and observations - in everything from physical confrontations, to handling emergencies, and resolving disputes.

The Shift

It appears that taking an actual Political Philosophy class allowed me to gather a more diversified understanding of political liberalism through reading the works of so-called “real” philosophers like Rawls, Dworkin, Nozick, Sen (pictured right), Nussbaum, Kymlicka, Okin, etc. ….
That said, if you’re reading this and you are an “anarcho”-capitalist or run of the mill libertarian of sorts, I’d strongly urge you to take the opportunity attending lectures in political philosophy if you are able.

I generally avoid psychoanalyzing, it appears this political philosophy professor took advantage of this confused state, especially considering BlazingTruth never supports any of his statements beyond vague comments about the labor theory of value, exploitation, efficiency, and roughly equal bargaining power. If these were conclusions were the result of his own examination of the evidence leading to these conclusions, he should be able to explain this in more depth, but appears unable or unwilling to do so when questioned.

Nothing is Real

The more I read through BlazingTruth's comments and article, the more I am convinced he doesn't actu

  • *"Rough equity of bargaining power"*
  • Efficency
  • You know that can be calculated, right?
  • Uninterested in convincing others.

Ignorance vs Agnosticism

What is actually being advocated?

sourceI'm speaking not of absolute equality and redistribution, but rough equality to the extent that the higgling of the market can take place. The problem comes when people don't have any bargaining power and and have no option but to sell their labour on a market for a wage. These hierarchical relationships are based on wealth, and result from private accumulation of capital. That state of affairs (called exploitation) is inefficient because the costs outweigh the production.

This comment seems to have summarized it best; his 'pursuit' appears to be some mixture of *"efficiency, anti-exploitation, and roughly equal bargaining power and distribution of wealth."*

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