The Mythology of Government

The concept of 'society' or 'government' as an actual things is mythical. It doesn't exist. What does this mean?

Blue Animals

The concept of society is identical to creating a category "blue animals" - just creating a category in your mind doesn't mean that there's this thing that exists called blue-animals. No matter how many animals you can find that are the color blue, "blue animals" is not a real thing.

What does exist? Instead of "blue animals" being a real 'thing,' what actually exists are individual animals, such as a blue-bird. Similarly, there is no society or government, but rather only individual humans.


What is religion? Religion is another concept or categorization, which claims that there exists some sort of legitimate authority. While it might be tempting to claim religion requires a metaphysical god-figure, few claim the metaphysical nature of Satan, even if he existed in a very real way deserves worship or to control your life. Further, some religions worship humans, rocks, animals, or other non meta-physical objects and obey rules supposedly connected to the authoritative nature of those objects.


You may be tempted to point at written laws, police, borders, maps, politicians, roads, and military as evidence of government, however government does not exist either. Government is just as mythical of a concept as any religion or cult. The only thing real about Government is individuals who act as if government is real. Government authority is just as mythical as a cult's authority, and government laws are as mythical as cult's religious laws, and government rituals are as mythical as cult rituals.

Any time you hear the words society, we, or government remember "blue animals." Then ask, which blue animal(s), what authority, or which individual(s)?


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