Voluntarism Quotes
  • Lets stop spending money we don't have to kill people we don't know for reasons we don't understand.
  • *""I do not grovel or beg for decent treatment from the people who implicitly or explicitly threaten everyone with death, kidnapping or ruination for the "crime" of not obeying them.""* -RuddoDragon
  • *"Claiming entitlement to devalue another's savings, spend another's wealth, compel or restrict action, and use threats and coercive force to make them comply, and then claim you are doing it for their own good is an extremely disrespectful and narcissistic proposition."*
  • *"If you have not investigated Voluntaryism, please avoid making assertions…………………."*
  • *"We don't need these overlords or masters whose only tool is the gun at your head"*
  • Please *consider the possibility*, that voluntarism could contain truth or (at least) be a superior to the mainstream position. It is *not* meant intent to convert you to a voluntarist or adopt any of the following beliefs; consider it a non-committal adventure in wonderland.
  • Free Market and Volunteerism solutions obviously cannot claim absolute perfection, however in contrast, statism cannot make any claims to perfection either.
  • Voluntarism doesn't imply one must know how a society will be organized without a state (i.e. roads), but rather that it is never acceptable to use violence or threaten violence against the innocent.
  • Many people at heart are Libertarians, and they just don't know it yet.
  • "If we're ruling anarchy out based on failure in hypothetical, unrealistic scenarios, we should certainly rule out government based on failure in viscerally-experienced, real scenarios." source
  • "i dont lose irrational arguments"
  • *"Violence is the first refuge of the incompetent."* - Issac Asimov
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