Rant: Why I Don't Give a FUCK About Politicians

Why don't I give a fuck about any single politician? Distributed democracies are setup in such a way that there's always many persons to blame, and no one to blame at the same time.

Who do I blame for half my paycheck being stolen? One who votes for politicians? The politicians who write "I'm allowed to tax you?" The president who did or didn't veto it? What about the police men who come to arrest me if I don't follow the politician's orders? What about the judges and jurors who say "OMG, evil tax evader!"

Taxes? Same applies to SOPA, NDAA, Patriot Act, Wars, Drug Wars, etc. Most everyone's figured out "God appointed the king" is either bullshit - either that or "God aint too bright." The genius of "Democracy" is that the people in power get to keep that power, while everyone at the bottom thinks they have a choice because they can vote for a "lesser evil," and meanwhile deceived into thinking they have an equal share in the blame and responsibility for that. Did someone mention suffrage? The only reason children can't vote is because they haven't been indoctrinated yet & ask too many questions.

Obama? Bush? Maybe they're bigger gears in the machine, but everyone is to blame who keeps that machine running, and I'm not having any part of it. All I've got to say is Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Il, etc…. the people "we" westerners love to demonize… none of those would have ever had any power if everyone treated them like any average lunatic raging about "Respect my authoritay!"

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