Why Wiki?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my wiki! Perhaps you are wondering why the hell this thing even exists. Fear not, I just might be able to answer your questions.


  • Central : This gives me a central location for storing, organizing, and "publishing" my writings.
  • Faster responses - Instead of typing up each and every response to topics I've seen hundreds of times, I can simply post a link, or copy and paste, saving vast amounts of time.
  • Efficiency & Quality - rather than write 10 similar responses, that time can instead be invested into a single high quality response that is reusable. Over time I can continue to update and refine articles and information. For my audience, they will receive a carefully thought out response, rather than a half-assed response that barely addresses their question.
  • Easier Management of Information - This is a hell of a lot easier than storing text files, saving emails, google docs, or spending the time to build an entire website.

How it Started

Unfortunately, I often make the mistake of becoming involved on pointless online discussions on the topics of Anarchism and Voluntarism. Eventually I tired of making the same responses over and over, and around Nov-2008, I had an idea to create a "secret lair" on reddit where I could save my highest quality responses, and simply copy+paste.

After about 6 months, I ended up with quite a large collection of notes, materials, and articles on a wide variety of subjects from government to economics, and the quantity of content began to become overwhelming. This was especially noticeable as I was working on a disproof of a specific Anarcho-Capitalism topic.

Then it struck me; a personal wiki would be a far more efficient and customizable means of storing, organizing, and distributing this information. And as such, began this wiki.

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